Let’s face it, with all the negativity and chaos in the world at the moment it can be difficult to stay positive and motivated in our own homes. Social distancing can get rather lonely but don’t let that rain on your parade babe ! I wanted to share how I’ve been staying motivated, moving and positive during lockdown with these 5 easy tips. 

Maintain your daily routine:

Lockdown doesn’t mean sleep in, binge watch and lose all your hard work. During lockdown make sure you stick to normality and don’t get lost in all the change and uncertainty of today. I have found that the easiest way to stick to my norm is to always set my alarm and avoid hitting that ‘SNOOZE’ button. By waking up to my daily 6:30am alarm it’s easier to follow my routine and not get caught up in my covers. Not only is it important to stick to your lifestyle routine but also your routine eating habits – don’t create bad eating habits,  we’re moving forward and smashing goals !

Plan and prioritise:

What better way to maintain your daily routine than to plan ahead and prioritise! There’s no way out once it’s written down. Set your goals and ‘to-dos’ for the day, tick them off as you complete each task. It can be easy to get distracted working in your own home but it’s also easy to lose track of time working from home so plan your breaks. The balance between working and breaks is SO important for your mental health.

Take that necessary coffee or smoothie break Hun – you deserve it !

Remember your roots:

Transitioning from everyday life to lockdown life can be challenging with all the environment changes. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves why we started our health and fitness journey, why we chose to cut the sugars or run the extra km. I love looking back at the goals I set for myself at the beginning of my journey and looking back at my progress (let me know if you’d love to know how I set my goals and take action in the comment section). Don’t get caught up in all the change, keep a motivated mind and get stuff done!

Create your own happy space: 

Working out is a blessing to me and truly is my happy place away from studies and work. Create a workout space with all your workout essentials in one place (no excuses !). Your workout space is a break from work, studies, kids or siblings so make it a space where you’re able to pump your jam and train hard. 

Create a killer playlist & get it done:

Nothing gets me more motivated and productive than my music. Create your necessary playlists beforehand and don’t waste time skipping songs. I have SO many different playlists for all sorts of activities, from studying to killer workouts. Get motivated, sing along and get your sweat on!

These 5 tips are simple and easy to make sure you stay motivated and moving during lockdown. I know it can be difficult transitioning from what we called the norm the new lockdown norm. Stay safe babes !

Al my love,


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