How do I put together an ‘about me’ page when I still have so much to figure out?

For starters, Hi and welcome ! I’m Tipanga and couldn’t be happier to have you here. So take a girl with the brains for business and a passion for fulfilling life centered around her love for health and fitness. That rather intricate sentence sums me up. 

I live in beautiful South Africa and am currently studying a BCOM Strategic Brand Management degree. Although I’m studying a business degree my heart has always drawn me closer to nutrition and the power of fitness and movement, which is why I’ve started this platform in order to share the tips and tricks I’ve learnt over my 19 trips around the sun. Blogging has always been on my cards but I’ve never quite found the confidence to begin. After years of learning about my body and hours of recipes in the kitchen combined with some serious myth busting I’m ready to share my heart and speak my mind !

I discovered my love for fitness and exercise at the age of 14 when I began downloading ‘workout plans’ from my fitness role models and strong women I looked up to and still do today. Along the way I learnt so many lessons and started learning about how to listen to my body. 2 years ago my outlook on ‘diets’ changed as I began looking into a more nutritious and wholefood ‘diet’ over your typical ‘no carb’, gotta lose weight kinda ‘diet’. 

I find great joy in simplifying the chaos of confusing balanced lifestyle info that the internet is swamped with. This blog combines my love for health and fitness with my enthusiasm for a wholesome and well-balanced lifestyle. I have so many recipes, workouts and ideas to share with you all ! 

Take away all the fluff and you get a South African babe who is crazy at heart, loves a good cappuccino and delicious food, likes to experiment in the kitchen and who just wants to share her passion for a balanced lifestyle. 

All my love,