I’ve been on the hunt to find out exactly what works when it comes down to reducing cellulite. Something to remember is that although these 5 factors work it does not mean that if you do them you’ll be absolutely ‘cellulite free’, these 5 factors REDUCE cellulite. 

To start off you need to ask yourself the question of, what is cellulite ?

The reason everyone has cellulite, whether it’s on your legs, booty or arms is because we ALL have fibre spans that connect out muscles to our skin and with fat pushing up against the skin it causes the fibre spans to pull resulting in dimpling and bulging in different areas. It’s not about how much fat you have as each person’s body is designed differently and each person’s elasticity in their skin is different.

SO my first tip to reduce cellulite is simply to WORKOUT. Strength training is amazing when it comes to wanting to reduce cellulite, with strength training comes gaining muscle making your skin more smooth and toned. Working out means overall fat loss when your consistent with your training and work hard ! 

I wish I had started adding COLLAGEN to my daily routine sooner ! Number 2 is Collagen which is the most abundant protein in your body. With regards to reducing cellulite collagen increases skin elasticity so when those fibres are stretching between your muscles and skin the increase in elasticity allows the fibers to stretch even more giving extra space for fat to distribute evenly between your skin and muscle = reducing dimpling and pocketing. Collagen doesn’t only help with cellulite reduction but it promotes healthy skin, strong nails and growing hair – what more do you want ! 

PS: I recently got my hands on a collagen creamer from my local health store which is AMAZING – I pop a scoop in my coffee every morning and I couldn’t be happier!

DRY BRUSHING. I’m sure you can recall the dry brushing trend at one stage – well I can tell you it works and I don’t do it enough ! Dry brushing exfoliates your skin and promotes blood circulation. Lymphatic drainage also takes place in the process of dry brushing which is SO good for your muscles and drains all the toxins. When dry brushing I brush in an upward motion and love to dry brush in the morning to get my body feeling all energized !

DIY COFFEE SRUBS are amazing and do more than exfoliate your skin. DIY coffee scrubs work the same way as dry brushing BUT here’s the trick: Caffeine tights your skin ! 

This DIY coffee scrub ‘recipe’ is super easy to make: ground coffee + coconut oil = MAGIC

FOAM ROLLING sums it all up. Foam rolling is focused on blood circulation and promotes lymphatic drainage which results in the fat sores to break apart and smooth out into the whole area instead of creating the bumps and lumps. 

Remember consistency is key in everything you do so when giving these tips a try make sure to stay consistent in order to see results. Comment below if you start seeing any – WHOOP WHOOP !


All my love.



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